Our events. Concerts, festivals, seasonal events … the list is truly long.
Here you will find everything about just those happenings on our Swiss travel blog.

Yes, traveling people also have concrete “dates” here and there.
For us, of course, traveling often means not only voluntary and free exploration, but also visiting specific events.
This, as you can see in our rubric, can be anything.
Have you ever visited an opera in the old colosseum of Verona, Italy? If not, we strongly recommend you to do so.
A concert in the Royal Albert Hall, London? Did you have to have seen at least once?
The Museum Island in Berlin – a veritable hoard of immeasurable treasures.

And so, of course, all over the world there are a variety of places, museums, concert venues and much more, which we also want to discover on our travels.
And of course we want to share our experiences, experiences and recommendations directly with you here.
Have fun – let us entertain you!

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