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America, the continent of unlimited possibilities. Our America Travel Blog includes all our trips, both from North America and South America.

Yes, America is more than the US, although often mistakenly both terms are mixed.
Our goal is to share the impressions of the entire continent with you and to provide valuable travel tips for you on our America Travel Blog.
Paired with beautiful photos of all our experiences, of course.


The double continent has an impressive history.
Its settlement goes back 15,000 years ago.
Today, nearly 1 billion people live on the vast continent and, therefore, there is much to travel, to view and to report.
Even if there are economical and political differences between North, Central and South America, we are focusing on the continental viewpoint purely from an exploratory point of view.
In this sense, it is important to us to connect and to discover similarities, not to separate them.
On the other hand, it is equally important for us to discover something special and unique and share it with you on our America Travel Blog.
After all, that’s what traveling is about: finding out what makes places so unique, how people live there, how the landscape is designed, and so much more.
In this respect, look forward to exciting impressions of America.


Your Birdie & Hendrik