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Summer 2016, Spring 2017… What an amazing time we had here! 3 weeks West Coast Road trip crossing California, Nevada and Hawaii.
Hitting the highways in a nice Mustang Cabrio and breathe the spirit of freedom… same for hitting the road from NYC down to Key West – all by car. For us the times in the USA are really awesome.


Roadtrip US East Coast – (1) New York Attractions: Lower Manhattan & Staten Island

Howdy, Explorerpeople! You might have realized it  that we haven’t posted lately so frequently as we used to before. Well, it’s due to the simple fact, that we have been for

Journey through Yosemite Park & Mammoth Mountains

Yosemite Park and Mammoth Mountains. Such names! And even these names don’t properly represent the huge and overwhelming beautiness of this piece of nature. Travelpeeps, welcome to our last episode

San Francisco vacation… with flowers in your hands!

The wonderful road-trip continues. After Hawaiian tropics we find ourselves in the startup nest, center of liberal waves – San Francisco vacation. This city has its own spirit, which reflects

Visit Alcatraz – the once hardest prison in the world

Well, you surely heard of this place and probably have even seen one or another movie about this small isle. We talk about the former prison isle and nowadays tourist

Flowers of Hawaii – Our Dream Holidays

Aloha readers – Greetings with flowers of Hawaii, Hawaiki from proto-Polynesian language meaning “ place of the gods”. Aloha – I wanted to use this powerful word in Hawaiian language.

Honolulu Vacation

Travelpeeps, we are talking here about the largest city of the Hawaiian Islands, in other words “ the gathering place” of all locals and tourists. Honolulu is a highly touristic

Los Angeles holidays – In the City of fame, light and beauty

My dear ones, today’s special post is about our stay in Los Angeles holidays beginning of June as part of our westcoast roadtrip + Hawaii. Maybe you missed the post about

Las Vegas Trip – the undisputed mother of entertainment

Travelpeeps, back on track – here we go for the next couple of weeks with a festival of places we have visited… Lets start with the entertainment city no 1


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