Our events. Concerts, festivals, seasonal events … the list is truly long.
Here you will find everything about just those happenings on our Swiss travel blog.

Yes, traveling people also have concrete “dates” here and there.
For us, of course, traveling often means not only voluntary and free exploration, but also visiting specific events.
This, as you can see in our rubric, can be anything.
Have you ever visited an opera in the old colosseum of Verona, Italy? If not, we strongly recommend you to do so.
A concert in the Royal Albert Hall, London? Did you have to have seen at least once?
The Museum Island in Berlin – a veritable hoard of immeasurable treasures.

And so, of course, all over the world there are a variety of places, museums, concert venues and much more, which we also want to discover on our travels.
And of course we want to share our experiences, experiences and recommendations directly with you here.
Have fun – let us entertain you!

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Sagrada Familia Barcelona Tips

What is the most famous landmark of Barcelona? Well, maybe the question is too brief and should be: What is a landmark of Spain or even Europe? Although opinions may

Hospital de la Santa Creu Barcelona

When you are asking Barcelona tourists what they are most looking forward to, you usually hear things like: Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Placa de Catalunya, beach, shopping in the Passeig

Highest mountain in East Switzerland: Säntis

It is not a big surprise for anyone that Switzerland is a climbing, skiing and hiking paradise. Most people have surely also heard of the Matterhorn. But also Jungfraujoch or

Appenzell Cheese Factory Switzerland

The consumption of cheese stimulates the same area in the brain as drugs do. I read that just today. Well, that certainly explains a lot. And it may well be no

Sea Life Constance

Mud, gray skies, cold weather and throat scratching. Admittedly, winter in Germany can sometimes be challenging. At least when it’s not snow-white and sunny. But what do you do best

Archaeological Museum Constance, Germany

Do you think that in winter there can be nothing better than going as far south as possible to fly off into the sun? Well, that sounds tempting. But! Especially

Liechtenstein attractions – Lama Trekking

What a change of feelings! From the Caribbean Key West with Cuban rhythms we go in our latest article directly into the winter heart of Europe … Travelpeeps, Welcome to

David Gilmour Concert – Live in London, Royal Albert Hall

David Gilmour Concert – Welcome back to London!   Today I will share my impressions from the Sir David Gilmour Concert in London. He of his sign once the brilliant

Universal Studios Hollywood – a day, you’ll never forget

Greetings, dear Travelpeeps! Let us start freshly where we ended last time – Second day of our Los Angeles vacation – This day was meant to be spent in the

Opera Garnier Paris & Opera Bastille

Opera Garnier or common name as Palais Garnier is the worlds most famous opera house. This Opera Garnier -opera house was commissioned by Napoleon III in 1861 and the same

Berlin Festival of Lights & Win your free GPSmyCity app!

Ladies & Gentlemen – welcome back to a very special & glamorous “highlight”, namely the annually taking place Berlin Festival of Lights. This time we have something special for you!

Sanssouci Palace – sophisticated visit to Potsdam

Dear BIRDIE-peeps! Here we are again – Berlin and surrounding… on the way to explore new places. And this time we will tell you about a wonderful, majestic Sanssouci Palace

Berlin zoological garden – Instinctively good

Roooaarrr, dear Birdie-peeps and welcome to the latest adventure of BIRDIE, this time from our brand new Berlin-section! We tell you here about our trip from the time of mid

In Flammen Festival 2015 – Black Magic & frog vomit

May the Fires of Satan burn you alive – yes this time it was not only an expression. The In Flammen Festival in Torgau, near Leipzig, in the heart of

Philharmonic Berlin Bach: The dark side of Professor Piano

An evening themed by Philharmonic Berlin Bach. “I am playing the violin, that is all I know, nothing else, no education, no, nothing. You just practice every day.“ I began

Berlin Carnival of Cultures – glitters & unicorns

So here we are, Berlin Carnival of Cultures, I had no idea about how great and big this event could be, and what Hendrik also said, well he said nothing,

Satyricon Concert Berlin: The Greek Norwegian demons

On our checklist “Visiting worth seeing events and concerts in Berlin” I discovered some weeks ago this jewel on Eventim. Remember – last time was the right moment for Opera, this

Abandoned Places Berlin: Ballhaus Riviera

Living in Berlin means having a possibility to enjoy a lot of variety and diversity. Bandwidth goes from hardcore-partying to adorable sights and landmarks, from culture, art, amazing unique history

La Traviata Berlin: Let us fall in Love!

Opera, the superior form of art and musical performance combined with everything; acting, music, design… This complete piece of work, which is called Opera, has its origin in Latin language,

Viking festival: Heathen holidays in Harz

Dear fellow, there is this thing with Easter – nowadays it’s for all of us known, that these holidays (holy days?) have their origin in Christianity, which is to be

Paganfest in Berlin – Viking Asskickers

So folks, what ur gonna do when it’s the time of the year with rain, cold winds and shitty weather? Yes, you stay safe and cozy under your blanket at