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Who we are.

“Travelling new countries is one of the most amazing things in life!

What do you take with you, when you leave?


What stays when you are back home?

It is the memory that stays. Of course it shall be a god one, always.
A couple of years ago I (Hendrik) discovered the photography for me.
There was actually no special reason – I just wanted to keep memories, like probably nearly everyone else.


With time I found out, that it makes a lot of fun to improve my photographic skills.
I started to improvise and was not afraid to try new ways of making photos.
Sometimes it is hard to evaluate, if you really improved. But I can share my memories with others. People who also appreciate the beauty and uniqueness in this world.



Give structure to experiences


The reason, or lets say the reasons to start this blog was indeed truly personal.
It is really a great thing to sort all your memories and have it organized in a special place.
Browse in it whenever you want.
What I realized is, that the better and easier the technical possibilities are to save your memories, the more fading they become.
Concretely this means, you go around with our smartphone, somehow make snapshots of everything and then it gets lost in the digital depths – without order, without structure.
In the worst case they are one day completely gone.
A Blog gives me the opportunity to avoid that and to take care of my memories on a completely different level. THIS was my main intention.



Wanderlust instead of bondage


The second reason and almost as same important that I wanted to share my impressions and photos of all the places and destinations.
I would be really glad, if our collections may give you ideas or inspire you by discovering new places.
Maybe it gives you tips or just invites you to have a look at all our travel photos.

I grew up in the communistic formerly GDR (East Germany). I know how it feels not to be free.
Not being allowed to travel and to discover this beautiful world, just because others permit you to do that.
I don’t know – maybe that’s why I was later then even more enthusiastic and more hungry to travel… who knows?


However – we hope you enjoy this little discovery and we truly appreciate every kind of answer, critics or tips from you. 


Birdie & Hendrik

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