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This is our private Blog about the second most beautiful thing in life, travelling. We are a young and life loving couple, actually living in the lovely Switzerland. 

And as always doing something with someone you love usually doubles the fun ūüôā
Our Travel blog will guide you to the most beautiful places on Earth. Our mission is to visit all the beautiful places, and because our planet is very round and beautiful in its each aspect, we will gather more travel tips combined with admirable pictures for you within time.

Stay with us, keep up the tune!

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Have I told you lately about... Las Vegas?

Vegas. This city is just a unique world on its own. Hard to compare, it has a vibrating and pulsing beat – loud, colorful, fancy, trashy, fast, hot – just let yourself go in this extreme place which brings all your senses to overflow.

No doubt that you need to discover everything during the day (as long as you dont spend splendid times at one of the countless amazing hotel pools), but Vegas shows its real face with beginning of dawn and during the night. The light is even brighter then, because everything is blinking, shining and carving for your attention… Check it out. Fabulous one!

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